4 Reasons Why Whatagraph Should Be Part Of Your Marketing Arsenal

If there is one thing that marketing experts like then these must be Whatagraph analytics reports! Whatagraph is one of the latest tools that makes the entire digital marketing work much easier and if you are into it, you should use this tool.

In his article, we will give you reasons why you should use it and what advantaged it can give you for your work. When you take a look at these, you realize why so many people praise it and recommend it!

It can automate a lot of things

You know how exhausting it can be to create a lot of reports, especially when you need to produce like 50 of them. Doing the same thing over and over again can become boring, not to mention that is time-consuming.

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For an average report, you need around half an hour, which is a lot, especially if you have other things to do as well. Instead of creating the weekly/daily reports manually, you can automate this and save a lot of work hours for some other tasks. It can save you up to 45 hours per week, just on making the reports.

Do the review before the report is out

One thing that probably separates this tool from many similar ones is that you can review your report before it is out. It may happen that some errors do occur for some reason and once you send it out, it is late to do the correction.

Instead, do the review first, approve it and then you get the full report free of any errors. Do not get confused – the report won’t be out until you approve it o make sure you click on the approval button.

Attach comments to the report

It happens that you need to add a note for some particular data or information and it would be so inconvenient to add the comment later on or to include the additional file with notes. Instead, Whatagraph allows you to include the comments in your report, whether you need to give a further explanation or mention similar information.

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It is especially useful if you work with complicated reports and you want to simplify things for your boss or manager. Remember, the clients, as well as bosses and managers, like to see additional information so make sure you use the comment feature to offer a detailed guide or explanation.

A huge level of formatting customization

If you need to customize your reports and make them unique/personal, don’t worry, as Whatagraph gives you a possibility to add a logo, change the color scheme, specify the company name, assign the team member that is responsible for a certain feature/section and more!

This high level of customization is especially useful if you need to make a custom-tailored report with some unique information or sections that you do not use regularly. In addition, you can make the custom template and save it for later use, which cuts down the time for the report preparation.


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