Meet Our Editors

John Penny

With years of experience in Digital Marketing and as senior SEO consultant in many Social Media projects and companies, John devoted his life to show how Social Media and Marketing can really upgrade our lives when navigated with proper and healthy attitude. He managed to be for some time among the first influencers in Social Media as one of the best SEO consultant and one of the most known leaders in Digital Marketing projects regarding Search Engine Optimization. We are honored to have such a player in our team helping us solving most complex projects and sharing most useful Social Media and Digital Marketing information to our audience.

Jane Martin

Is an amazing person that started her career very successfully in Digital Marketing by helping some biggest, global executives to build, grow and form amazing and unique reputation. She created some of the most incredible and most productive business projects in the area of Advanced Marketing Techniques. Online Branding is something she does with all her body and soul where she also had time to develop and deliver some of the most popular workshops. Since having her in our team there was no moment where the organization of our business wasn’t on the highest level.

Thomas Falls

With great skills and abilities such as amazing strong communication and strategic insight including long-term leadership experience Thomas was a real refresh for our company. With the strong language and focus, being a long time speaker and lecturer in Digital Marketing and Social Media he made our business grow at much higher levels. Marketing analytics and digital transformation are the areas where he achieved some greatest accomplishments. In the same time, we got a great leader and even better colleague who always finds the best possible solution for any problem in perfect timing.

Michael Handley

Transforming brands and creating perfect strategies in Digital Marketing in just the right time made him a recognized influencer and expert in the marketing business. Raising awareness about digital and social marketing trends by showing and educating publicity about that significant impact technology has on our behavior he is one of the best bloggers in the Social Media world. He is amazed by the fact how people and the Digital world can act together and bring some fascinating results for a better living. He has so easily and perfectly engaged to our team and found his place to raise awareness and spread the voice about the importance of Social Media.