Our Health And Social Media

This may sound weird when talking about effect of Social Media on our health. But it is not weird and funny at all. Just remembering how much time in our day we spend engaging with other people on social sites could give us a hint of the impact social media has on us. This impact also considers our health and it can be good and bad. Of course it is never late to pay attention and take some measures to reduce those harmful effects and maximize benefits while using Social Media. By educating and informing wider audience about these effects role of Social Media within humanity and their health could be much more positive than negative. Here are some of those influences.


Social Media Addiction

It becomes a true wonder today to escape the Internet. More and more people are carrying not one but even two smartphones in their pockets while doing something on their laptop. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are just taking more and more time of our daily schedule. This could get really harmful and dangerous for people and their health as it takes too much energy away from usual more healthy activities like personal relationships, physical activity and work.

Emotional impact

Many activities are neutral for our health while done on social networks like shopping, socializing and sharing content. Many other can be a great cause of significant negative emotions and stress which are not good for our health in any aspect. Situations like cyberbullying or children abuse may develop strong, emotional and negative impact on kids. On the other hand there are also some positive sides and connections over social networks such as between seniors and disabled individuals who are limited so it makes it much easier to connect with their loved ones.


Physical impact

Harmful physical effects usually result of overdoing and being online over any normal limit while we should be doing something more natural and healthy for our body and mind. Some of the typical physical problem is Carpal Tunnel syndrome which really effects our hands and wrists while doing too much keying. Impact of looking at screens too much may result with many eye problems such as eye strain. Lack of exercise while spending too much time online bring lot of different and severe physical diagnosis and diseases. Fatigue is also common happening among people who just spend too much time at night posting on their social profiles.

Stay healthy in Social Media

Yes, it is really possible. Just a regular doing of your other activities like work, studies and spending more time with your loved ones will do wonders and make the much healthier relationship between you and your social media world. Social media can be a great tool while doing a research of healthy issues but with consulting your doctor at the same time. If you have a serious addiction problem with social media seek for professional help while it’s not too late yet.



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