SEO Secrets That No One Will Tell You

Like every job, digital marketing, as well as web development in general, has its own secrets that you cannot find anywhere. Though this article may look like “secrets about weight loss no one tells you” to you, this is not written to discourage you or fool you in any way. After we had talked to BuilderTrend guys, we decided to share these useful tips with you so we could prepare yourself if you plan to hire an SEO agency.

Good content is never enough

A good part of SEO professionals will always stress the importance of having good and unique content. No doubt, this is the truth as you cannot attract people without good and informational content that offers something that users can use to solve their problem.

SEO Strategy On Paper

Strategy Of SEO Write On Paper

However, it is a much bigger problem to get this content seen online by people as content creation is one thing and content publishing is something different. To promote it, you need to have a strong social media channels so you could announce that the content is coming. After the content is published on a website, the real work starts as you need to grab attention to attract people to your site.

Nobody knows everything

Another myth about SEO is that people can know everything. SEO is a huge industry and almost separate industry from web development, and like no developer knows all the programming languages, no SEO expert is able to know everything from every niche.

To make a website successful, you have to know the company/site’s mission. On top of this, Google changes its algorithms every now and then, which makes it impossible to know everything. Therefore, if you come across the agency that claims they know everything, they are lying.

No one can guarantee ranking

No one can guarantee you ranking in the top 10. There are simply too many of the variables that are in the game and what seems like a good way to do today, may not be good tomorrow. It is the industry that grows and changes all the time.

SEO Secrets Strategy

Holding A Cup With SEO Logo

There will be agencies that will claim they have a special relationship with Google, meaning they know how the algorithms work. Just stay away from these as these are just scammers who are trying to get your money. No one can guarantee #1 ranking, remember that, not even SEO agencies with 20+ years of experience.

They want you to believe it is easy to go viral

Going viral is possible, but it is simply hard. Again, you have too many variables to consider and it does happen that some great content stays aside. Simply because no one saw it. The agencies will try to make you believe that you should invest money to get viral. As we said, not impossible, but not likely as well. Instead of chasing to go viral, you should focus on the overall performance of your website to notice the gaps and problems you could improve to achieve better performance.


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