Social Media Effect On Children

Due to its rapid development, this platform is exponentially growing, providing to all people around the world no matter what age to communicate and share all kinds of contents. As it presents great and all mighty tool at some points it also presents a double-edged sword with that risky other side making unhealthy influence especially on the children. So, the best way to deal with Social Media and make the best of it is to understand it properly and be informed about all its positive and negative effects.  This is also the best way to learn our children making the healthiest way through this modern lifestyle.

Positive effects on children

It is necessary for children to learn some basic technical skills because it is something they will need to successfully navigate through their future. These are the basic skills of the new generation and digital age which are needed to fully participate and be competent citizen. It is also a great way to express creativity while learning and interacting with much wider audience. The learning process has become refined as peer-based learning where students give feedback to one another and are much more enthusiastic that way than learning from the adults.

Not that parents and teachers are switched off, it is just there are much more new accessible sources to learn from. There are also studies which proved about the positive effect of virtual empathy on distressed friends on social media. It actually improves their mood and even often finds a solution for problems. This platform also presents excellent and easy way to share interests such as music, sports, and art where rarely somebody feels alone today having many colleagues online with who they can debate any time. Fundraising campaigns and participation in some debates were never easier to organize. All this together makes really broader perspective on people and life in general and children understand differences much better.

The negative effect on children

Addiction is one of the first negative factors when it comes to Social Media. Some studies even say these “likes” and “shares” made on social sites present some kind of the reward for their brain which makes addiction even bigger. This addiction disrupts many other important activities in life such as sports, school, family and work affecting the mood significantly. There are even new expressions born such as “Facebook depression” and similar which bring feelings of anxiety and social behavior while spending too much time on Social networks. Real life relationships are much detracted which results with not understanding some non-verbal cues and facial gestures and poor communication skills.

Also, a high level of narcissism is created among youngsters basing their moods on how much appreciated their photos are and how much attention they got over their Social profile. This brings great lack of empathy to others and dysfunctional activity within emotional conditions. Many lunches with friends, vacations and gatherings are missed by children’s presence because of spending time making a perfect Instagram photo or selfie. And remember, bullying and abusing children has never been easier than today on social platforms.



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