The Best 4 SEO Ideas For Your Cannabis Website

The cannabis industry in the countries where the use is legal or at least decriminalized is a huge field where you can earn a few bucks. We do not talk about launching the dispensary, but rather an online business that can generate traffic and potential leads.

As cannabis seo is a bit unique due to stricter ad campaigns, you will have to give your readers/customers something they cannot find anywhere else. We have prepared for you 4 simple ideas that can boost your traffic and the ranking as well.


Infographics became a highly important aspect of every niche, as people want to see the visualized data. This can be anything – from showing the numbers of increased cannabis users over the period of several years, or the number of people that prefers sativa/indica phenotypes.

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The most important is that the infographic shows realistic data and genuine information that allow your users to understand a certain matter. You can order infographics online, or you can create one on your own, depending on your designing skills and abilities. Just make sure that you do not copy data from other sources, or at least give credit if you use an infographic from another website.


Podcasts are a great way to boost your brand awareness, especially when you are the featured guest in the podcast. Alternatively, you can start a podcast to present your site, talk about the industry and then feature some of the famous cannabis activists like Seth Rogen, Snoop Dogg or B Real from Cypress Hill.

This way, when a name like one of these recommends your site, it means that you are a trusted brand/website that is relevant to the niche. Cannabis fans like to see an authority speaking about the store/brand as they can relate easier to the brand, knowing that someone from the industry who is well established recommends something.

Guides and useful tips

Another great way to attract people is to offer the guides and practical tips that come from the experienced professional, relevant to the industry and niche. For example, you can present the best tips for growing sativa strains.

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This can be divided into indoor and outdoor growing, thus creating more space and a more specific target group. Or, you can give useful tips for smokers who prefer sativa like when to smoke it, which strain to smoke in the morning and which one in the evening. Just be creative, research the market and users’ wishes and think outside of the box so you could know what your users want.


The last thing that can help you is the presenting of recipes. Cannabis-infused food has come a long way before it is appreciated and respected. Therefore, as a cannabis expert, you are competent to offer useful, quick and tasty recipes. Aim for the specific dishes, as everyone knows how to make simple brownies. You can introduce cannabis cooking, as using it as a season. Just be creative!


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